October 1st, 2015

2pm / Peeple App rates People / just like Yelp !

Peeple App, ready to rate?

A new app from 2 College ( Mean Girls ), created an app obviously through a hired “geek” according to their press release. So basically any one over 21 can login through their facebook profile and ” rate a human being “. I guess they want to limit the bullying to over 21 !!!  I see trouble coming soon, people already against it and this will create nothing but mass suicides rising even more than facebook and instgram have created these years.

So is it worth it for these  ” big corps ” and little trolls Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough—in part they are getting a lot of irate tweets .

“I dont feel bad for them. I can’t imagine what this is like, I’m only seeing a percentage of it.” It’s been an interesting glimpse. “The LGBT and trans communities are going nuts against these people,” he says. “Which, it makes sense—a lot of people who are already experiencing oppression and bullying don’t want an app like this.”


12pm /  Oregon Mass Shooting at Umpqua Community College

Umpqua Community College Shooting

Umpqua Community College Shooting

Douglas County Sheriff states 10 have been deceased, over 20 have been wounded, mostly women, and the shooter exchanged gunfire with law enforcement..ending the shooters life.

Approximately 10:38am, several 911 calls were made stating that active shooter
was in or about the area by Science Hall and ended up Snyder Hall.

Command center set up in Douglas Fairgrounds in Roseburg, Oregon will have further updates and answers there… the shooter has been identified as 26 year old Chris Harper Mercer. It is not clear if he is a student or not.

Umpqua Community College is in Roseburg, OregonKnow n for a “ transition “ college, older students attended, specialized in Nursing, computer science, politics and consists of  58% female. Over  3K students, 3000 part time and 700 fulltime attend here.

Classes will be closed rest of the day and all activities will be canceled til Monday morning.


December 15th, 2014

Sony HACK, more bad news for the global company….

Sony hacked again
the SOny Leaks keep coming beyond Movies.

Emails from executives keep on coming from the “Guardians of Peace” GOP the hacker group that has taken responsibility for releasing inner memos, movie scripts, trash talk on their own employees, which many of them are famous MOVIE stars.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been called “untalented” and too demanding, the head of sony (Pascal), sent a mass email to one of their teams. Angelina Jolie was labled bratty. Willow and Jaden Smith was trashed talked for their recent behavior on their interview a few weeks ago. Which their Super Mega star parents work for SONY entertainment. Wil Smith and Jaden Smith.    Read more

September 9th, 2014

Jack the Ripper Identity is revealed thru CSI DNA, read more



Wango Tango 2014, stubhub center, carson, California

May 10th, 2014




Daily Caller reported that Undercover police offers can sleep with hookers, prostitutes.

What’s next they can do drugs? Oh that already allow that for the drug undercover operations! So basically we are paying tax dollars so the good cops can bust the bad guys? Might as well legalize it. We are going to pay for their medical examinations? Herpes shots? Penicillin shots? WTF are you serious? Everyone in the whole world is laughing at us for this!

March 21, 2014



updated: Hawaii, is the first state to allow the PO Po t sleep with hookers!  Hey Honey I’m off to work ! bahahaha — I Can’t imagine what stupid wife / girlfriend/ boyfriend will allow them or support this type of absurd activity. Police arrest the girls usually anyways. These girls should be behind bars. Personally if you google “rip off artists backpage or craigslist ads” you will see dozens of men that have been duped by this type of fucked up behavior by greedy bitches or their pimps. They basically do a bait and switch on the guy that calls them for a hook up. THey show up, look around your place, asks for the money, then says she will come right back, They never do. Or a bouncer type of guy is standing outside your place after she pretends to call her friend and let them know they are ok. This one girl stole all of this guys money, cell phone an more.  The system sucks because if the guy reports it, he gets arrested for solicitation. however the person ripped them off will never get caught. Because they probably use a fake google number or throw away cell phones.

Hawaiian legislators are considering making it illegal for police officers  engaged in undercover activities to have sex with prostitutes, but the police  would rather hang on to that right.

Currently, Hawaiian police officers who have sex with prostitutes as part of  their undercover investigations are exempt from prosecution. That would have  changed, however, if a proposed bill, HB 1926, had been approved.

The bill is intended to crackdown on prostitution. Hawaiian cops, however,  objected to the change in the legality of sleeping with prostitutes. And thanks  to the testimony of Honolulu Police Major Jerry Inouye, the bill was amended.  Now, it will still be legal for cops to have sex with prostitutes if the bill  passes, according to the Associated Press.

“The procedures and conduct of the undercover officers are regulated by  department rules, which by nature have to be confidential,” said Inouye in a  statement to the House Judiciary Committee. “Because if prostitution suspects,  pimps and other people are privy to that information, they’re going to know  exactly how far the undercover officer can and cannot go.”

Another expert, police trainer Derek Marsh, disagreed with Inouye’s  contention.

“It doesn’t help your case, and at worst you further traumatize someone,” he  said in a statement. “And do you think he or she is going to trust a cop  again?”

The practice of immunizing cops who have sex with prostitutes is “antiquated  at best,” he said.

The state Senate will consider the bill Sunday

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