Sony Hacked again

December 15th, 2014

Sony HACK, more bad news for the global company….

Sony hacked again
the SOny Leaks keep coming beyond Movies.

Emails from executives keep on coming from the “Guardians of Peace” GOP the hacker group that has taken responsibility for releasing inner memos, movie scripts, trash talk on their own employees, which many of them are famous MOVIE stars.

Leonardo Di Caprio has been called “untalented”, despicable and too demanding, the head of sony (Pascal), sent a mass email to one of their teams. Angelina Jolie was labled bratty. Willow and Jaden Smith were trashed talked for their recent behavior on their interview a few weeks ago. Which their Super Mega star parents work for SONY entertainment. Wil Smith and Jaden Smith.

George Clooney and Channing Tatum emails to their boss were quite different. Channing is beyond happy that his movie ” 22 Jumpstreet ” the R rate fare movie took in a bigger box office than “Ted” a few years back.

Clooney was upset his movie Monument Men was a disappointment at the box office. However, Pascal reminded him they will make him more money to forget the bad movie he made recently.