Episode recap and October 2012 Videos

episode 9 and 10 judges house performances

episode 11 and 12 judges homes final elimnations,
that goto live performances in hollywood, california.

Teams that made it through, next episode on Oct 23, 2012, Tuesday Night 8pm PST. Watch the performances below!

team demi lavto
paige thomas
cece frey


team britney

diamond white
White and Carly Rose Sonenclar are selected for their clearly polished voices, as is Arin Ray, who Spears can’t seem to criticize. She finally settles
on questioning if he’s as talented as the rest of the final 16 will likely be.

team simon
emblem 3
lyric da queen


team la reid
vino alan

David Correy



Watch Full Episodes of The X Factor 2012 USA Auditions here, daily updates, daily x factor news and more!

Bootcamp episodes were great! See what happens tonight on Fox Channel 11 and 5 and 7 !

Simon Cowell, LA Reid, Demi Lavato and Britney Spears are Season 2’s judges.

Episodes 1 through 8 recap of try outs, some funny some were good that will make it after th3 fifth audition last night.

Watch Each Audition Individually or click on the playlist below!

Auto Video Playlist X Factor 2012 USA

[youlist vid=”JduyLBe72ps,wmRj0ubo_aY,Uc3bQlrwoyc,Ua1vSJrJqYA,2_U3hGv3nn0,icGPE_Krg0s,6ux1MUe5Qp8,iu7HSzg0wLU,4Tctv1HFCCs,iu7HSzg0wLU,4Tctv1HFCCs,7jllEH6pHng,MWkMe239fHU,KsAwdW_0ki4,geXIzqn-9Zw,Uf-BqxhPrC”]

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