‘X Factor’ USA News Recap Final 16

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The Final 16 revealed for the live performance shows in Hollywood, California.

Check out Carly Rose Sonenclar

Fox screwed up last week by airing partial judges’ picks, so they reaired what was not in last weeks episode on OCT, 23rd, 2012

Team Demi Lavato

paige thomas, cece frey, Willie jones and Jennel garcia

Team Britney Spears
diamond white, Beatrice Miller, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Arin Ray

Diamond White sings I’m With You, X Factor Episode 10,

White and Carly Rose Sonenclar are selected for their clearly polished voices, as is Arin Ray, who Spears can’t seem to criticize. She finally settles on questioning if he’s as talented as the rest of the final 16 will likely be.

Team Simon Cowell
emblem 3, lyric 145 (the queen), lylas and sister C

Team LA Reid

David Correy, Jason Brock

Tate Stevens and Vino Alan


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that goto live performances in hollywood, california for the final 16